Everyone wants to hire the best. Agencies, for example, sometimes carry expectations that extensively focus on company growth from a limited talent pool – bringing quite a negative impact on employee turnover and talent availability. In this case, it is impossible to attract top talent. You may opt to offer them incentives or monetary perks to solve this, but it isn’t all about the money. The best talents stay where they know their worth is appreciated, not just in monetary value but including security and recognition.


The better people get along with each other, the better they can empower each other and grow together. You do not necessarily need to be friends with everyone but develop the connection where you don’t look at your employees as mere workers. They are also people who hold their values, opinions, culture, etc.

  • Recognize their opinions since what they think is also important.
  • Include them in the decision-making process by listening to them.
  • Be transparent about the situation the company is in, whether good or bad, to let them know that they are important.
  • Be intentional with the relationships you build so they know how grateful you are for them.

Being connected and staying connected with the talents will surely help them be better and do better.

Lead with Purpose.

It is essential to know why you’re doing what you’re doing. If managers do not have a vision, how are they supposed to lead purposefully? Apart from your goals as a team or company, you also have to set a vision, the big picture. That vision must be shared – making each talent feel and know that they are part of the bigger picture. This will encourage innovation to each person in the company as they are empowered to achieve the vision set.

Unlock Potential.

As we connect with our talents and lead with purpose, we foster a culture of empowerment in the company. With being in an empowered state, each talent will surely bring out their strengths and improve their weaknesses. So, allow your talents to learn new skills, innovate and grow by providing them personal and professional opportunities. By treating them right, they will surely maximize their potential.

It’s not enough to hire the BEST talent in the industry. To succeed, we must hire the RIGHT ones for the business and help them be the BEST. To evaluate if you are successful in unlocking potential, ask yourself these 3 simple questions:

  • Does your staff know what is expected of them?
  • Do they go above and beyond to achieve the company vision?
  • Are they empowered to better themselves and improve their quality of work?