Hiring the right people is never easy, especially when you’re constricted to looking for talent within your company’s area or location. Digital marketing and advertising agencies in countries such as Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand may have experienced a shortage of local talent which heavily affects productivity and overhead. Thankfully, digital marketing and advertising operations may be done remotely – increasing the talent pool while saving on costs.

However, hiring remote employees for your agency may bring a new set of challenges.

You would need to set up proper processes and tools to manage your employees. Given that you will be relying on Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and other communication channels a lot, you really won’t be able to micromanage them – which is absolutely best for your employees! Just delegate what they need to do, not the how. Also, tracking their productivity won’t be easy so, set up a metrics system to evaluate your remote employees. Regardless of how and where they work, you at least know that they are doing their job. Another challenge is building trust. A remote setting will require you to put more effort into communication so, have an expectation setting to allow your employees to achieve their personal and professional goals. Even with the new set of challenges of hiring remote employees, you will surely be able to overcome it, even if it’s online! 

The benefit of hiring remote marketing talents is far more overwhelming than its challenges.

Apart from saving on overhead costs, you will surely be able to hire the BEST talents, no matter where they live. Globally, the talent pool available for marketing and creatives is large and diverse, which allows a better set of innovative ideas to bring to the table, allowing your agency to grow significantly. In the Philippines, marketing talents are already exposed to different cultures alongside the innovation the industry brings. Surely, you will find the right person fit for your situation and team, may it be a graphic designer, video editor, social media manager, content writer, or performance marketing specialist. With the opportunities of creating an integrated remote marketing and creatives team, your agency will surely win the industry!